The Fight Continues – Are You Listening Yet?

Those of you who regularly read my blog will already know about the fight we are constantly waging against coal seam gas in our area. In October of last year our local community, along with many others in Australia, took to the streets in protest about the growing coal seam gas industry and the effects it is having on our water, our land and our way of life. You can read about that protest in a previous post of mine: We Will Fight

Yesterday my eldest son and I took to the streets again along with thousands of others to yet again voice our condemnation at the government for allowing this insidious industry to continue and to fight to keep the northern rivers CSG (Coal Seam Gas) free.

It is thought that over 7000 people from the region attended yesterday, more than those at the protest in Sydney a few weeks ago.

Families, farmers, shop keepers all protesting against CSG

Even Dirtgirl from the popular kids television show Dirtgirl World, along with the shows creators attended. This was a point of excitement for both myself and my son as we are huge fans 🙂

Dirtgirl and the Dirtgirl World creators

The protestors walked through the main streets of Lismore, calling out for change, a halt to coal seam gas mining, an end to our environment, land and water being sold off to line the pockets of foreign investors.

The group stretched over a kilometer through the town.

With all different reasons for wanting to keep the region free of coal seam gas mining, the message was still unanimous and clear “We don’t want CSG”

There is also an acknowledgement that is is not just a fight for our area and our region. This is a fight for Australia as a whole and then, if need be, the world.

The communities that are being built as a result of this fight are strong and are working together to win. We all support each other. It is not a case of stopping the gas production and pipelines just here in our area.

It is about stopping it here in northern NSW, in the Great Barrier Reef, in the Pilliga, in the Hunter Valley, the Darling Downs and anywhere else where the mining companies are trying to ignore the people, take the resources and ruin the land and water.

A protestor educating the Boys in Blue

After shouting, singing and dancing our way through the streets, hoping that the powers that be are hearing us, we arrived at the base camp for the protest.

The festival feeling then took over. The positive feeling was that it may be a long fight that if we were all in it together then we will win.

I think the government and the mining companies have underestimated the passion and the power of the people. If they think we will be bought off by some paltry handouts and some political spin, they are wrong.

They had better watch out, because they have got a big fight on their hands.


A Visit to Nanna and Grandad’s

In the school holidays we decided to get away from the farm for a bit, something that doesn’t happen for the kids and I all that often.

Cooler Climate Trees

The first order of business was to get reacquainted with the garden.

Nanna and her ‘helpers’



Greens aren’t just green

Pretty Poppy

Along with all the usual activities when we go to Nanna and Grandad’s we also went for a bushwalk at the Kings Plains National Park. Here is what we saw.

Off we go

Looking for fish

Rock hopping (and giving nanna heart failure!)

Nanna fossicking (sshhh!)

Remnants from a bushfire

Time for a break

Taking a break with daddy


Beautiful tree and sky

Following big brother

Grandad watching the boys explore

Fallen wood

Sticky Sap

Star in the forest

Climbing trees happens everywhere

Don’t you want to get out there and go for a walk now?

My day today 🙂

A Photo A Day - Haven

I know, you’re probably thinking “What?” or “Huh?”.

To me this picture represents one of those moments, when all the elements come together. The rain finally stopped! After 4 weeks of being too busy, or to wet or the mower too broken, I managed to mow.
That’s not all though. It also shows how much I have learned and grown. In the couple of hours before this photo the mower broke down and I managed to fix it (thanks to some phone technically support) and I bogged the mower but managed to (wo)manhandle it out again.

It also shows how my work towards a ‘real working farm’ is slowly coming to bear. The weeds are being pushed back, the grounds are being maintained, the trees are bearing fruit and I am visibly (the netting) planning for harvest. Of course there is that gorgeous mountain in the background too and the…

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The Last Swim of the Season

Have I mentioned its getting cooler? Well, its supposed to be. There is a definite hint of winter in the air, but it seems no where near as cold as it was this time last year. All that aside, I think its pretty safe to say that we have had our last leap into the creek until spring arrives. Even now the water is fairly chilly, with the youngest having to hop in and then out again shortly after to stop his teeth chattering. So, as we welcome winter with her frosty blanket, fire warmed nights, foggy mornings and brilliant blue days, here are some photos from our last swim of the season.

Splashing in our mini-pool


Froth and Bubble

Crystal Clear and Cold!

Fun! Even if it is chilly!

Brother and Sister

Rock Hopping

Skimming Rocks

We did all go in eventually. Well….almost all. No, I wasn’t the odd one out. I was attacked on three sides with water and once soaked figured I may as well dive in. It was lovely, and very refreshing 😉

Pirates and Frogs

So, I realise that its been a while since I have posted anything much about the property lately. There are lots of reasons why and lots of happenings going on. But for today, you only need to know two things.

Firstly, that the house yard has been invaded by pirates and their hand built ship.

The pirates and their ship

Arrrr Me Hearties

The second is that our shed is over run with tree frogs.

The toilet trio returns

The lonesome laundry frog

The things you have to deal with in the bush these days…..

Fat froggies (again) because they make me smile :0)

A Day Out at the Fair

On easter sunday each year one of the nearby towns holds their annual Heritage Festival. As I was at home alone with three young children who had nothing better to do than eat their way through the chocolate presents the easter bunny left them, I decided it was time for a day out. So we packed up and went to check it out. I have to admit, before we got there I didn’t think it would be that much of a big deal. I was thinking small country markets with a couple of displays. Boy was I wrong. It was huge. The first clue was the fact that we had to walk two blocks to get to the showground and this town only has four blocks, so technically half way across town! From the minute we walked in Leo was enthralled as he is totally fascinated by all things ‘old fashioned’. The first thing to catch his eye was the wood chop competition. This was great as it gave me a chance to get my bearings and figure out a plan of attack.

The Winning Strike

Leo was stoked as he had been wanting to see a real wood chop competition ever since I told him about them one afternoon whilst he watched me chopping the firewood.
We then made our way through some of the stalls selling old wares

Signs, scales and tractor seats

Hand tools - next time I'm saving up and buying!

and on to the classic vehicles. I figured it was best to get this out of the way first as I knew we would be in this section for a while…

Barney View Motor Service

A purple Vauxhall!!!

The boys and the trucks

By this time Zara was over it, but she had spotted where she wanted to go and was happy to keep looking when I said we would head there next.

Shiny Chevy

"That's the tractor we should get"

I’m not sure that tractor would do so well on our hills….

So, the boys had had their fill of machines, for now, so we headed off for a change of pace and a ride in some…..teacups, of course.

Yeah this is ok, but not really my scene

Yay! This is so much more fun


With everyone having done something they wanted we then wandered through some more markets until the ‘can I get…’ and ‘I’m getting hungry…(but don’t want the food you packed)’ started. So we jumped on the train to get a better idea of what was about for lunch.

Hello, I'm on the train

Happy not to be walking for a bit

After checking everything out from the train and having a bit of a rest at the same time, we decided on the easiest solution, sausage sandwiches and chips with sauce. We pulled up some shade, ate our fill and then took off to check out some more machinery before the big parade started.

Having a go at a fandangle butter churn

Next we found a good vantage point and settled in to watch the parade.

The Cobb and Co. Coach

The Lighthorse Men

The bullock team

By now we were all pretty weary. The kids were each given some money to spend and quickly found the things they wished to buy. Zara bought some clothes for her bubba and a pet rock. Leo bought some polished stones and crystals, whilst Quinn bought some cars and something after my own heart…

Honestly who can resist a shiny wind mill?

Not me! So I bought one for me, and my inner child 🙂

A ‘Pretty’ Garden

Last weekend hubby was away so it was just me and the kids. I find the weekend is easier if we have a project when daddy is away. So, this weekend the project was to make a pretty garden, a flower garden, something we haven’t consciously done before. We weren’t exactly starting from scratch, we chose an overgrown garden on our entry way to work on.

The 'garden'

Quinny, scaling the weeds

I have to say the two boys put in a mammoth effort, particularly Leo who was in there with me the whole time digging up weeds. All three became extremely enthused once the saw came out to attack the tobacco bushes…..funny that. They also abandoned me for awhile on the first day to build some tobacco bush teepees.

Leo's tobacco bush teepee

At the end of day saturday we had cleared a good amount, considering we hadn’t started until after lunch (due to other commitments).

End of day 1

Halfway there....

We decided to keep some of both stands of aloe vera. The flowers are pretty and it is so useful for burns and cuts. But also, there were a number of frogs who obviously lived in the aloe vera that we didn’t want to displace.

A froggy friend


By lunchtime on sunday we had cleared all of the weeds and the boys began spreading the mulch in earnest (by this time Zara was over the wet and the work and was sitting in the shed reading or playing the neighbours piano (long story 😉 )

Spreading the mulch


I have to confess I did not spread any of the mulch. The two boys got right into it and did it all together, with Leo making sure that it was evenly spread over all the dirt.

All mulched

Next was the most exciting bit…PLANTING!!! This even enticed Zara out of the shed for a bit! So, together we all planted out the flowers (I also snuck in some celery and basil….sssshhhh). I was impressed at how much the kids have learnt about handing seedlings, the carefulness, how to spread the root bound roots and the way to cover them back up. TO be honest, I mostly just dug the holes and directed what went where.
This is the finished product:

Leo's path and steps

The Pretty Garden

Gerbera's - my favourite

It has been lovely to see the kids pride in something they made. They are so looking forward to sharing it with daddy when he gets home tomorrow 🙂