Day 2 – “I Can’t Believe This Is Our House!”

That sums it up really. Today we drove south to Kyogle to pick up the keys for our new home. As we drove down the mountain, past our property, the excitement began to grow.

We arrived to find that owners had kindly left detailed instructions on how to work the pumps and a booklet of which fruit trees were where and how to care for them. We were also told we may have inherited two chooks. The agent then handed us the keys as a huge rain storm broke overhead. We picked up some food for lunch and drove the rain to the property.
As we drove along the muddy driveway we discovered we had indeed inherited to plump and healthy chooks, both of whom seemed to have a slight death wish as they meandered along in front of the car, much to the amusement of the kids.

By now it was lunchtime, so after a wander through the house, opening and closing every door we sat down to our first meal in our new home.

Then it was off to fully explore and test out the top half of the property.

The swings

The outdoor entertaining area

The Chook Pen

As you can see, it has been quite wet. The track in has been a bit cut up by the traffic in and out as the previous owners moved their belongings.


Of course after all that exploring the only logical thing to do in our new home was to put up the christmas tree.

By the time the tree trimming was done it was getting late. Another storm was beginning to roll in

Another rain storm on the way

and we still had to drive back to Brisbane and prepare for the following day of moving in. So, somewhat reluctantly we left excited that this indeed was our home.


9 thoughts on “Day 2 – “I Can’t Believe This Is Our House!”

  1. Woweeee! How gorgeous!

    Quinn looks so happy with the muddy driveway. And the playground looks fabbo.

    I cant help wondering how heartbroken the previous owners must have been at that point when they had to say goodbye to their property.

    I am so happy for you all. 🙂

  2. Jo Sim and Clan. I am so envious!!! I will be on Dad’s back about arranging a working-bee sometime soon. Just love this informative web page. Great work guys!!

  3. I missed the launch of your new blog, I was in the throes of moving as well! I’m very glad I’ve found it now though, your place looks gorgeous 🙂

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