Week 2 – It’s Raining It’s Pouring

This week saw the arrival of rain, reinforcements, rhythm and more rain. This post will be mostly pictorial because I actually remembered to take some photo’s and I’m too lazy to write much today 😛

It rained most of the day, meaning a day inside mostly. Although the nasturtiums looked lovely after the rain.

I managed to cook a roast in the combustion oven and blog.

Nice view huh?

Was mostly one of those lost days. We took Sim back to Brisbane, I did the last of the christmas shopping then raced home to meet my parents who were arriving to help mow. The moment dad arrived he unloaded the ride on and set to work.

We woke to a chilly morning. The kids rugged up, luckily I had actually unpacked their clothes so they could.

December in Northern NSW

Watching the Adopted Chookies

Zara decided to eat her breakfast in the morning sun on the veranda and promptly stripped off.

Breakfast in the Sunshine

Dad managed to mow most of the top half of the property and we found the leak (hurray!) Meanwhile Sim called to say he had bought a second hand ride on and could dad come pick it up with his trailer, which he did. I also managed to unpack a whole mess of boxes, making the place seem less temporary.

We had a mini christmas with Nanna and Grandad for the kids.

Batgirl Opening Pressies

Grandad's Hand Made Handiwork

Dad did a heap more mowing and whipper snippering, whilst I set to work clearing the chook pen of nasty, spiky weeds which the brushcutter couldn’t cut through. After an hour I was joined by my two chief helpers Leo and Quinn. We managed to clear about half the pen, I would go and take a photo but its absolutely pouring right now LOL.
After lunch we decided to mow a track to the creek, so Dad and I took our mowers in hand and followed Leo down to the creek. It really is so gorgeous down there. The water, the trees, staghorns and elkhorns, the birdlife. We found wild lemons, raspberries, passionfruits and peaches. Leo and I talked about plans for the future and what may come, dad expressed his love for what we have here.
By the end of the afternoon we were all thoroughly exhausted, but particularly dad.

Tired Cuddles

Our helpers left, hopefully to return soon as it was lovely to have their company and help. I filled the header tank and decided to light the fire to make sure we had hot water for the weekend.

The Combustion Oven at Work

Seeing as the fire would be lit I decided to make some relish from the cherry tomatoes I had cleared from the chook pen.

Tomatoes from the Chook Pen

Relish Bubbling on the Stove

The final product - turned out pretty good

The kids made some biscuits for their advent activity

Busy Creating Biscuit Masterpieces

Burnt Biscuits - Still learning

The great decorating of the biscuits

and I also made bread,

Rising Bread


muffins and macaroni cheese.

Another lost day traveling to Brisbane, but before we left my two youngest had a twirling competition.

Twirling Two Year Old

Flamenco Five Year Old

Christmas = presents, food (roast pork and veg for lunch). It rained and rained and the river rose, but we were cosy inside our new home, fire roaring and lots of new things to do.

Zara's new tea set

Mummy builds a hospital under instruction from Quinn

Harry Potter Lego = Hours of Fun

Soda Stream operator disfunction

After lunch Leo, Quinn and I decided to go on a walk to investigate the rising waters of our creek. Quinn was excited at the prospect of throwing stones in the water and had a great time competing against his older brothers arm.

Northern creek crossing

The normally calm swimming hole

One of the many butterflies we saw

The southern crossing

Once home we were all exhausted and ready for leftover and bed, although some of us didn’t make it that far!

Tired Out

Happy Holidays to you all!


4 thoughts on “Week 2 – It’s Raining It’s Pouring

  1. Just beautiful, Jo! I had tears of delight with your obvious enjoyment of your new lifestyle… you’re an inspiration for more of us to follow our dreams!

    I also laughed at the sodastream malfunction! LOL

    I can’t wait for the housewarming party! 😉

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