Week 3 – Water!

This week seemed to be all about water in so many ways, as you will see!
You may remember the boys and I checked out the water in our creek on christmas day after it had been steadily raining for a whole day. On boxing day, sunday, we woke to even more heavy rain. It was a slow day, we mooched through leftovers, played with new toys and stayed within the confines of the house. All day. To the sound of constant rain on the roof.

More rain. The roar of the water from our front veranda was now phenomenol. Just before lunch Leo and Sim decided to take a wander to the creek and found the creek was now a river.

Northern creek crossing

Main swimming hole

Southern creek crossing

In the space of 8hrs we had over 120mm of rain, yes it was wet underfoot!

The amount so unbelievable I had to photograph it!

A few hours later, when I went to check out the waters for myself they had risen yet again.

Breaking the banks near the swimming hole

The sound of the boulders being pushed along the creek floor combined with the rushing of the water and the ever present cicadas was amazing.

Southern crossing, still rising

Of course, life still goes on despite the excitement. As it was a chilly day the fire was roaring at home, helping keep the damp out. I am starting to feel more comfortable cooking on it each day. Tonight was Moroccan lamb followed by peach crumble.

Moroccan lamb in the new cast iron pot


We woke to overcast skies but no rain on the roof. We decided to stretch our legs and walk to the front gate, in the appropriate attire of course 🙂

Standard puddle hopping attire

Miss Zara off for a stroll

Sim was due at work, so we piled into the car unsure how far we would make it. Our creek had dropped a lot over the previous day, but the state of the creek over the range was an unknown. We had to drive around a few trees over art of the road, large old trees whose roots had lost their holds on the slopes. On the Queensland side of the range the devastation on the bridges was apparent. Of course I had forgotten my camera! But the rocks, mud and whole trees across bridges was very telling.

The kids and I decided to take a hike to the creek to check out the changes in the creek and also in the hope of collecting some firewood.
We arrived to find we had a newly developed beach next to the swimming hole.

Our new beach!

The creeks path had also changed slightly thanks to the movement of key rocks and boulders.

Back to a babbling brook, almost

The kids then set to work, hauling the firewood (I did help).


Then of course it was time for exploration,

Exploring the creek

which somehow became paddling…

Quinny size pools!

followed by the realisation that we had to walk home in the wet clothes and gumboots full of water.

"Jo, I'm bit wet"

Then there was the obligatory dinosaur bone discoveries.

The lesser known Leo-a-sauros

Leo-a-sauros with it's intrepid discoverer

Lost day traveling to Brisbane to pick up Sim and running errands.

Sunshine meant work at the farm!
Sim got to try out the new ride on on the slope for the first time.

It's a jungle down there

I got to work cleaning out the chook run and the chook house with the help of Leo. After much toil, sweat and spikey weed pulling we had a great result.

Can now see the chook house!

Then, once we had the chook house cleaned out from SO MUCH old chook poo we began to get excited at the idea of more chickens!

The newly cleaned chicken house.

Of course after all that hard work we decided to take Sim to the creek. Can you guess what happened next…..

This time we were prepared!


3 thoughts on “Week 3 – Water!

  1. OMG I am so jealous! The creeks turned to rivers are amazing, and I would LOVE scrambling over those rocks anytime… oh and I think I’ll manage to get away without needing any more boxes too, fingers crossed!

  2. Can’t wait for the next instalment! Oh and please take it easy on the old bloke – he may benefit from a rocking chair on the verandah.

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