Week 4 – The Crazy Chicken

Before I give you a day by day account of our week I want to share with you our crazy chicken. You may remember in my first post I told you that we had inherited two chickens.

We were lead to believe that these two were almost feral and were unable to be caught. Over the weeks they have become used to us, hanging around the kitchen door waiting for scraps Waiting for scraps
following us up to the chook pen at feed time and the little brown one, which Zara has named Flower, has even tolerated being petted. She is also nick named our Crazy Chicken. You see, instead of laying in the now clean laying boxes she comes down to the house and waits until someone leaves the front screen door open. She then creeps inside to the hall cupboard, where our shoes and bags live, and lays her egg there.

Crazy chicken amongst the shoes

Once she has laid the egg she then announces her gift to us as she escapes out the door.

I laid an egg - Berkerk!

Unfortunately, the floor of the cupboard is hard tile and about half the eggs are broken as she lays them on a shoe, which it then rolls off.

Sadness is a wasted egg

I do wonder if she used to lay there at one time before. When we first arrived she often laid in the garden opposite the house. Then she laid in the wood store at the back door and on the gas bottle box (every one of those eggs was smashed). I don’t know if it means she likes us, we’re safe or if she’s just crazy, but it is kind of cute and its hilarious when we start hearing her annonce her latest egg and all the kids race up the hall to see.

Sunday – Today we were blessed with a visit from friends who travelled from Brisbane to see our new place. It was lovely to talk with familiar faces and made me realise how much I am missing face to face human contact. I am looking forward to school starting so I can start meeting some locals. We spent the day looking at the property, sharing dreams and going for a trek to the creek and a swim. It was a wonderful day, unfortunately I forgot to take any photo’s because I was so busy enjoying it!

Monday – With the sun still shining I decided it was time to identify all the fruit trees and work out just what we have. Leo and I set to work drawing a map of the fruit trees and working out what each one was.

Leo drawing up his map

Quinn was ‘helping’ too – mostly in the form of having boobies and sitting on mummy!

Booby under the mulberry tree

We worked out that we have the following trees, most with at least two different varieties: oranges, mandarin, lemon, lime, grapefruit, persimmon, mulberry, macadamia, walnut, pecan, fig, pear, plum, peach, pawpaw and banana. Most of them are in severe need of pruning and mulching, but they all seem fairly healthy. I even managed to harvest a few pears

Pear pickin'

and we have already used limes, finger limes and Leo and I shared a lemonade.
Meanwhile Sim broke out the ride on and decided to test it on the front slope. It took him most of the day, as it hasn’t been mown in months, but it looked great.

Mowing the front slope

Unfortunately, with only a small amount left he hit an unmarked stump in the long weeds/grass which bent the blades, so the mower was out of action for the week, until we could get some more blades.

Tuesday – Travelled to Brisbane, ran some errands and then back home again. I remembered my camera and took a photo of one of the bridges that had been under in the flooding last week.

Tree over one of the many low crossings

Wednesday – Even though it was raining the kids and I spent the day weeding and removing unwanted plants from the front garden. Well, mostly I did, the kids enjoyed riding around in the rain.

Slick riders

Thursday – More rain! The creek rose steadily all day. So, it was time to attack a few more boxes, not many left now. This also gave the kids some things to do as old toys and books were rediscovered.

Friday – More rain! We were lucky enough to see a red necked wallaby with a joey in her pouch having her breakfast on the front lawn. She stuck around for at least half an hour much to the delight of the kids. When the creek started dropping after lunch I decided to see if we could get to Brisbane to get Sim. We made it, picked him up and set off back home. Drving in the evening we saw much more wildlife. There were owls, frogs, toads (unfortunately), kangaroos, pademelons and potoroo’s.

Saturday – Sim took off to Brisbane in hope of finding us a second car so we could minimise the trips back and forth to Brissy. Unfortunately, the car was unsuitable. Meanwhile the kids and I did more weeding and garden preparation, getting thoroughly wet and muddy in the process.

Weed removal in path garden

First plot of the vegie garden ready for planting

We are making slow and steady headway, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

The rest of the veg garden, still to be done

And what does one do after a hard day car shopping and weeding? Why sit back and admire the view, or in Quinn’s case, the trains.



One thought on “Week 4 – The Crazy Chicken

  1. AS someone who has been following your blog and been inspired by the life decisions you make, i hope that you are safe through these tough floods and i look forward to week 5’s post.


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