Week 5 – A Birthday and Floods

Sunday – My eldest had nominated to have his birthday party today as it meant his dad could be present. So, it was time out from working to watch the rain, bake, open presents and play party games. My beautiful big boy got the pedal bike he had been yearning for, much to his delight.

Pedal bike in racing green

Unfortunately the rain made riding it a short exercise as he was limited to the veranda. Then there were presents from the grandparents, for everyone.

Present opening was followed by the Great Birthday Games! Leo had requested that he have ‘old fashioned’ party games, so we had a sack race (in pillowcases), a three legged race and an egg and spoon race. Unfortunately, due to my youngest child being persistently naked I only have one photo I can share of these games.

And to finish we had cake! This has to be the dogiest birthday cake I have ever made. I am still learning how to maintain the oven temperature below the 200 degree centigrade mark and the cake was, in my mind a bit of a disaster. Fortunately Leo liked it and was more than happy with his chocolate birthday cake.

Meanwhile, the rain continued to fall and the creek to rise, leaving us wondering if Sim would be staying home tomorrow.

Monday – The next morning, Leo’s actual birthday, saw Sim leave for Brisbane. Whilst the rest of us had our traditional birthday breakfast of pancakes

Birthday Breakfast - pancakes, ice cream and maple syrup

Sim attempted to get to Brisbane, a trip that normally takes an hour and a half taking him four hours due to detours around various creeks. By lunchtime we were well and truly flooded in and Sim was wishing he had stayed home with us.

Tuesday & Wednesday – These days are a bit of a blur. The rain continued to pour down and the creek continued to rise.

Clouds and rain obscure the mountain

The growing creek

In between digesting the news of the disaster in Toowoomba followed by the impending disaster of the flood coming in Brisbane the kids and I worked at weeding more of the gardens and paths. Watching the streets around where our rental home is, where Sim stays during the week, slowly fill with flood waters on the news was surreal. It also bought a weird sense of guilt, that we weren’t there, dealing with these floods too. We may have been flooded in, with intermittent power but we were safe, dry and had plenty of food. The lack of power combined with the busy mobile phone towers meant that communication with Sim was sparse, causing even more worry.

Thursday – This morning we heard from Sim (finally!). He was safe and going to see how he could help out, he might try and get home if the water receded enough. At around lunchtime I received a call that he was an hour a way and did we need anything. He called in at Beaudesert to get the essential watermelon (high on my list of things to plant) and found it similarly stocked to Brisbane, with no fresh fruit, veg or milk. Meanwhile, the boys and I had been cutting down dead trees for firewood. Zara came up to see us and left the front door open. When she and Leo returned to the house they found a surprise. The cheeky goanna that lives in the bush surrounding the house had decided to take a look inside. Lucky for me, he is terrified of people and once he worked out how to get out of the playroom he was off. I meanwhile, tried reinforcing how important it was to CLOSE THE DOORS. I think seeing the goanna inside was helpful with this.
Late that afternoon, much to our relief, Sim arrived home.

Fri – The next morning we went to town to get the required capsicums and watermelons to keep the tribe happy. In the carport we found a visiting stick insect of gargantuan proportions. She was about the length of the arm of my youngest, just hanging around.
It was surreal to see the shelves loaded with fruit and veg and think about what was going on in Brisbane.
By the time we got back it was too hot to do much. I hauled a few more weeds out of the garden but retreated back inside to unpack more and organise us for the weekend.

Sat – The kids and I went back in to town to get a couple of bales of mulch to cover up the huge area of the garden we had cleared of weeds. Whilst we were away Sim had his own encounter with the goanna, maybe he’ll learn to close the door now! Saturday was spent weeding weeding weeding and mowing. The rain followed by sun got the grass and weeds growing in proliferation, so we were playing catch up.
By 4pm we (the adults) were exhausted. We decided a visit to the creek was in order. It seemed strange to go and play in the water when the same thing had just caused so much destruction not so far away. It sat in the back of our minds, but we also enjoyed the time together.

Building a Swimming Pool

Dirt + Rocks + Water = Fun

Rock Hopping

Throwing rocks makes big splashes

Summer Girl

The only thing about the swimming hole, its a longs walk back to the house.

Tired out

There will be garden updates next week 🙂


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