Week 6 – Discoveries

You can probably tell I am starting to struggle with the day to day, blow by blow blog. So I have decided to just do week by week catch ups. Life is busy. With the clearer weather and a few more tools it seems every hour is well and truly used. This combined with the fact that I don’t have a computer most of the week makes my net time smaller and smaller all the time, not that that is a bad thing!

So, I’m already getting fuzzy on what we got up to in Week 6 (note to self keep up with blogging!). So this will be more pictorial than wordy.

We made quite a few wildlife discoveries over the past week. We identified two friendly frogs:

Bleating Frog on the front steps

We have a few of this cuties hanging around. One in particular is usually hiding on top of one of our windows in the front room. She sets off bleating whenever it seems about to rain or if there is a loud continuous noise, think vacuuming or screaming children.

Fleay's Frog

This gorgeous frog was discovered in our aloe vera plants, she was there for about a week, but since the hotter weather has disappeared, hopefully to somewhere cooler and wetter.
We also have a few red-necked wallabies. One mumma wallaby in particular is out the front most mornings with her wallaby. It was quite exciting just this week to see the joey actually outside of the pouch and bounding around and tripping over his big feet. I do have a photo but it was taken in the rain and she is hard to see. It kind of looks like one of those Loch Ness Monster photo’s, if you squint at it just the right way you can see the wallaby.
Then of course there is our ever friendly goanna who has now been in the house three times searching for food and apparently banana skins.

Indoor Goanna!

We worked out he’s getting in through the kitchen door by pushing through the mesh, our solution, an empty beer carton.
Some of our other wildlife type discoveries have been


butterfly chrysalis’,

Hidden spider

hidden spiders, I was walking through his web every day (he spins it across the driveway).
Then there was the discovery I kind of wish I didn’t make. One afternoon, after walking up to the gate to check the mail we came back to find this little fellow in our front room.

Our visitor

She had come in through an open window, we think after being brought on to the balcony by a kookaburra. With a little coaxing from me with broom in hand she escaped back out the window and into the palm trees.

We have also made some discoveries in the garden. In clearing various gardens we have discovered a pineapple,

some very pretty day lilies, which have started flowering since being uncovered. We found a tap and hose

hidden amongst the weeds and another compost bay near the veg gardens.

I’d love to share the garden work we have done, but my family is getting antsy for a swim and the water is much more tempting than sitting here on the computer. Hopefully I’ll be back later tonight to share those moments πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Week 6 – Discoveries

  1. i love your property, so beautiful. I get excited everytime you post new pics. I want one just like it, one day when the money fairies decide they like me again. Keep sharing please, I want to see everything! Oh, and can we come and stay if ever in the neighbourhood?:) pretty please?

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