Week 7 – Working Bee

This week started like most. We lit the fire and I set to work baking. With fruit trees already in place there are a few things I’ve never eaten/used before, finger limes being one of them. Finger limes are a native Australian lime found in the rainforest.

So after a search I found a Finger Lime Tart recipe that seemed to fit the bill. So, with Quinn’s help I set about making the tart, which turned out to be a winner.

Finger lime tart

We also made muffins and scones, Quinn is turning into a bit of a mini masterchef and is most upset if I don’t let him help these days.

Muffin Man

Great Nana will be proud - making scones

Meanwhile Zara and Leo were helping prepare some home made pots for seedlings. With no garbage service we are slowly reducing the amount of rubbish we have and finding other uses for the garbage we do have.

Filling up the pots

We plan to plant seeds each week so that we can continually plant out seedlings. I’m hoping if we are prolific we may actually end up with some produce whilst also feeding the potoroos, wallabies, native mice and birds.

Seeds all planted and ready to grow

The vegie garden is proving a long slow process to clear. This is where we were up to this week:

Slow and steady - reclaiming the veg patch

On Wednesday we were lucky to welcome my parents and then thursday my Uncle Ray and his partner Cheryl joined us to help out with weed clearing. We all worked hard over the next few days. Overgrown paths were cleared, fence lines were found and weeds pushed back further and further. The camp ground and swimming area were also cleaned up further, making it more and more inviting to humans and less so to the local snakes (or so we hope!). As we were all so busy there aren’t many photo’s, so here are the few I took.

Mum and dad down at the creek

Dinner at the creek for the hard workers

Sim and Leo also found a new way to enjoy the creek.

Floating Fun


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