Week 8 – School

This week was probably the hardest I’ve had up here. Over Sunday and Monday all our visitors left and Sim went back to Brisbane. The place seemed very empty this week after having so many visitors and so much activity.

Monday was a big day. It was Leo’s first day at his new school and Zara’s first day ever at school.

Ready for School!

Leo and Zara both had a great first day and were very excited to tell me all about it. Unfortunately Zara is having trouble transitioning to a full week away from Mummy and Quinn. Quinn is also missing his sister terribly and I must admit I miss my two big helpers during the day as well. As you can see from the above photo even Quinn has to get ready for school with his backpack and lunchbox.

Whilst the kids were at school Quinn and I kept busy in the garden. We are still clearing the veg garden! Cheryl, mum and I made a huge dent over the previous week as you can see.

Progress on the Garden

Unfortunately between the scorching heat and various wildlife we only ended up with a few of the first lot of plantings surviving which was a bit of a blow. As you can see I have now rigged up some shade in the hope of partially combating the sun problem until the plants are established. Luckily the honeydew, rockmelon, chilli and capsicum plants have survived.

Melons and chillis

On the upside, our citrus trees are all laden with fruit.

Fresh mandarins, straight from the tree

Unfortunately we also have citrus beetles and aphids, which I am researching in an effort to eradicate. Our lime trees are so far unaffected and are heavily laden with fruit, more than we could ever eat. Instead of going to waste I decided to set up a stall out the front and see how we go.

Limes for sale!

We sold a couple of bags each day and on the weekend sold out completely which was a bit of a thrill.

The spoils!

On the weekend once Sim returned, work continued on the camp ground which is looking awesome.

Campground looking towards road

Looking towards house

Around the swimming hole and picnic table

A downside of it looking so great is that we have recently had a few trespassers, most we aren’t worried by, but the ones that bring alcohol and glass down to the creek are a bit of a worry. Throwing people out is not fun.

The area at the front of the house is also looking great, thanks to the regular mowing and the help we had last week from Ray and Dad.

Looking down towards the creek

We are also slowly pushing the lantana and weeds back slowly.

Pushing back the weeds

This week was also hard due to the fact that we are the most broke we have ever been since we were in university. The last two months have been expensive with having to buy mowers, brush cutters and a second car (all things we chose to do though). We have another week to wait until we get paid, but really, we have food in our bellies and it is hard to feel broke when you see these outlooks every day.

The mountain

The bush


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