Week 9 – A Pictorial Catch Up

I am determined to catch up on my blogging but am running out of puff and time this morning (the vegetable patch is calling) so for week 9 I am doing a more pictorial blog of what we’ve been up to.

As well as the vegetable patch there are about five other established gardens which are in need of work and weeding, so when the spiky weeds get too much I tend to attack those.

Front garden

Tank garden (is that like Tank Girl?)

Having said that we have made more progress with the veg garden and have cleared the path down the side and to the compost bays at the back. There are still a lot of spiky plants to deal with though.

Path beside garden to the compost

Veg garden continues to expand

And now for some random photo’s of the property 😀

Track to creek and pump

One of the many tracks we are slowly maintaining. This leads down to another section of the creek and the site for a pump to pump creek water up to the house.

Fruit trees

Looking from the house and shed along our driveway up to the road. We are slowly mulching and pruning all our trees. You can also see the fence on the right hand side now, which was previously hidden by weeds.


The chickens are adjusting to being penned for part of the day now. I worked out how the goanna was getting in to the pen and we now get an egg a day. We are hoping to add to the flock in the next few weeks.

Compost bins

Not overly interesting I know, as you can see they are very full. Most of the plants in here are from the vegetable garden.


Looking up towards the house on our walk home from the creek. This was only mowed a week ago, you can see why they call now the grow season!


Thanks to a load of wood from Ray and Cheryl and the use of dads chainsaw, our wood shed is looking a bit healthier and I’m not worried about using up all our fuel when I light the fire. Using the chainsaw was interesting, fun and nerve wracking all at once.

Lunch break

This is our new spot to have lunch, particularly when we have had the oven on for baking. Its great to sit, listen to the creek and watch the wrens catching bugs.

Hot off the Presses
That was going to be my last pic for this weeks blog. Then, halfway through the last pic we had a bit of excitement. Sim was heading down the track in one of the pics above on the ride on when it blew up. First we thought it had caught on fire so we madly collected water to find it was steam coming from the engine, not smoke. Phew! We then needed to get it back to the shed so we could work on it. Sim and I tried to push it up the hill, but it was ridiculously slow and hard, especially with a certain 2 year old having a conniption about mummy being down the hill without him! The only thing to do was tow it out. So we put the new corolla to the test.

Attaching rope to the corolla

Down the track to the mower

That splash of red down the bottom is the mower.
Unfortunately the corolla was not up to the test. The big guns were then brought out and the camry put to work.

The Camry triumphs over the Corolla

It was a slow steady process of pulling it up 10m, stopping moving the car forward, tieing the rope again and pulling again. But we got there eventually.



I’m up to date, literally! Now I must go do all the other chores I have neglected between blogging and the excitement of the mower shenanigans.
Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

See you next week 🙂


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