Week 14 – Shopping, school and stuff

That sums it up really. It has been one of THOSE weeks. You know, the ones where you are run off your feet busy but don’t really have much to show for it. Between school activities, the monthly shop, after school sport and storytime at the library for Mr Q it feels like we have had hardly any time at home this week. Plus there has been the added bonus of rainy days which means that the plants are happy but the weeds are rampant and the grass is insane!

Thanks to the new chooks we have been late to school every day this week.

Three of the girls

We are trying to get them used to us so we spend some time with them every morning and afternoon. However, a certain 2 year old and a certain 7 year old like to chase them to try and get a pat, so its not exactly a relaxing visit for the chickens.
Our rooster is still working out his place in the pecking order.

Pecky the rooster

He has been called Pecky due to his propensity for pecking the other chickens (but not us thankfully!). Leo was going to name him Crowey, but as he is yet to crow it just didn’t seem right. Its quite interesting to watch him assert his authority with all the young chickens, but not the two older hens.
The one thing I have managed to ALMOST finish is a fence to keep the chickens out of the veg garden.

Chook exclusion fence

Southern end of veg garden

Its not the prettiest thing, but it is functional and gave myself and Leo something to do together on a rainy weekend. We don’t have a gate as yet, so we made a makeshift one, using the boards from the entry way, that we pulled up last week.

The gate& to the garden/clothes line

The vegies are growing along nicely.

Sugar snap

Hidden honeydew

Cucumbers continuing to grow

There are also new seedlings poking their heads up, getting ready to join the other plants in the garden.

New round of seedlings

So, its been a slow week farm wise. But a bonus was Sim and Leo, finding this little critter down by the creek on sunday afternoon.



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