Week 16 – Perception

It is very easy, as I walk around the property, to be overwhelmed by the things to do. Some days I look around and think “what are we doing?” and “where do we go from here?”. It easy to get bogged down in the big picture. There really is so much to do here, I could worry myself into the ground with thinking about the endless list of work. I often sit in the garden, disappointed that we aren’t eating more from it. I look at the bush and think, we really need to do something about those weeds.

The scourge - toxic red lantana

I look at the orchard and wonder when will I get to prune and mulch those trees. But the truth is it is alll perception. I sometimes need to take a step back and look at what we have achieved in the time we have been here. It is often more apparent when we have repeat visitors, the amount we have achieved.
The lawns and grassed areas are now maintained as are the house and top fence lines. There are trails once again cleared over most of the property.

The chook pen is no longer overgrown.

Chicken Run before

Chicken pen now

The vegetable garden has been reclaimed.

The Weed Bed

Slowly flourishing garden

To add to our own perceptions of not making any ground there are also some locals (not all) who tell us that our goal of self sufficiency (or at least partial self sufficiency) are unlikely to happen. That it isn’t possible here, that it can’t be done. On top of this is the feeling of not knowing enough, of being out of our depth. It does wear you down. Yet, we keep pushing on. It is hard not to be happy or at least content when you look out the window as you wash up to see this.

View from the kitchen window

So, instead of telling you about the lack of eggs because of the resident goannas, or how the potoroos have dislodged three more of my seedlings last night, I leave you with some pictures that I find beautiful, lovely and full of hope for our life here. I hope you enjoy them too.

Green Star

Free range chickens!

Abundant pawpaw

Snake Bean Flower


Giant Snowpea

Twin Melons

Little helper

Aloe Vera flowers




3 thoughts on “Week 16 – Perception

  1. I love those photos. We often ponder the same thing about self sufficiency. To what percent is it actually do-able? I think any action to live further off the grid (or the ‘system’) is a move worth making. I am in awe of you and what you have achieved and what you will achieve. 🙂 xo

  2. What you have there is sooooo special dont let anyone bring you down for having the courage to follow your dream. Even Adam and Eve had snakes in the garden of Eden and I’m not necessarily talking about the slithering ones.
    Chin up, look forward, that’s heaven you’re living in.
    Best wishes darls

  3. I’ve always had it in my mind that self-suff will be hard work getting set up, but as Tallula said above, it’s worth doing no matter how off the grid you get, even if it’s just a little bit.

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