A Birthday and A Carnival

Last week two big events happened for our family.

The first was the birthday of our youngest child, Quinn. There were mountains of presents.

Leo reading Nana and Grandad's card to Quinn

Which were ripped open and enjoyed with great gusto.

Opening Nanny and Grandpa's present

Big brother and sister didn’t miss out on the action either.

Seeing the world differently

Oceans of art

We had a quiet day at home, playing with the new toys. Ok, so it was quiet in the sense that we didn’t plan anything or go anywhere, quiet in a house with three kids usually only happens when they’re all in bed ;).
There was the obligatory cake, the first one I have made in the woodfire stove that actually rose properly.

The birthday boy sings too

Nothing flash, but there were sprinkles and pirate candles so he was happy.
Happy Birthday little man 🙂

The Birthday Boy

The second event was the two older kids competing in their first school athletics carnival.

Because the kids school is only small they team up with a number of small schools from the area for their athletics carnival.

Leo jumping in the high jump

Throughout the year they have events with these same schools, helping them to build friendships and get to know other kids who are in their local area and will be going to highschool with them.

Zara doing long jump

The kids had a really fun day,

Smiles on the day (taken by Quinn)

although Quinn was completely over it by the end.

Can we go yet?!

The big surprise for all of us was how well Leo did. Not because he’s not athletic but because he’s never competed in anything like this before.

Leo winning the juvenile boys 200m

So, Leo was somewhat shocked at the end of the day when his name was called…..

Receiving the award for "Juvenile Boys Champion 2011"

Big congrats to my big boy for his achievement as Juvenile boys champion and to Zara for trying so hard in every event and coming 3rd in her age race.

I would have loved to share more photos from the carnival, but due to there being other kids in them I don’t feel I should. So, I leave you with another pic taken by Quinn on the day.


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