The Gate and what it means to us

Its been school holidays here.

The three musketeers

Which has meant lots of little (and big) projects, lots of later nights

My futures so bright.....

and a lot less computer time for me (not necessarily a bad thing). As most who read will have seen, we decided to paint our front gate as one of those projects. First the kids painted the milk can my Uncle found in the bush on our property.

Basic white

The plan is that it will become our letterbox once it is finished and we work out how to fix it somewhere appropriate. Next was the front gate but first we needed to take photos of them all sitting in the fruit stand…….of course?

Not for sale (although happy to loan on occasion)

The boys set to work and did a great job, Z on the other hand decided to go climb a tree instead, as you do.

A slap up job

Later in the week we wandered back up to the gate with the wheelbarrow loaded with paints and food and set to work on our masterpiece.

All set for a full day of painting

Intense concentration of the youngest artiste

I know most people will have seen these pictures, but for those who haven’t here is the finished product.

Fruit stall and gate decoration

A paling for each kid and a paling for me - can you guess who did what?

The gate has certainly caused some conversation within the area, I have even had people calling me asking me for a photo (as they live a distance from us and don’t go past our gate). It seems to have brought smiles to many as neighbours and passers by smile and wave when they see us out the front. Of course I have braced myself for possible hurtful remarks or even graffiti. Something I hope won’t happen, but if it does I will just smile and paint over it, knowing that we are being who we are and not hiding from it.

Painting the gate has been really symbolic for me. Its like putting a sign up that says “This is our home now!”. Whenever I explain where we live it is met by “Oh, you’re living on *insert previous owners names* property” and a detailed account of how they knew these people and so on. So maybe now it will be “oh you’re living in that place with the rainbow gate” or possibly “so your the hippies that moved in to…..” well, you get the picture. Either way, it felt good to be taking ownership of this place as ours in some small way.

As you can see from the pictures we have also finally settled on a name for the property. It has taken awhile and we have been through a lot of suggestions, but “Haven” just seems to fit. Its everything that the property is to us and hopefully to our friends and family. As well as everything we want it to be for the native wildlife.

I have to say though, the best thing about painting the gate, has been the way it makes three young kids smile each time we drive through it as they point out something they love about it.


4 thoughts on “The Gate and what it means to us

  1. Always a pleasure to follow you guys.
    Ignore the criticisms, that’s their problem not yours.
    Admire you greatly for what you’re doing and your beliefs.
    Love those kidlets too.

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