Hello Spring!

It would seem that spring has sprung here at Haven.

Peach blossom

Since I have last written we have had some bigger frosts (that I even managed to get out of bed to photograph)

Ice on the ground, even in sun

We have had a new arrival, on loan from a neighbour

The-yet to be named-lamb

and lots of work and pondering.

I have thought about and even half written a number of posts over the last few weeks. About two weeks ago I started this post:

Spring Scares Me
It probably sounds silly. The thought of spring really does scare me. Well, maybe not scare me but worry me? I look at the garden now and…to be honest…I am not happy.

The garden at present

Its not as large, flourishing and productive as I had hoped. Or isn’t it. As I have expressed my dismay to many this past month I have come to realise maybe my expectations are too big. It is, afterall, winter and we have only been here just over seven and a half months. I am still learning the climate, what grows and what doesn’t, where the shadows fall and how hard the frosts are, its all a big learning curve. I have to remind myself that I have only ever had a supplementary garden before this. I have never grown food on a large scale. So, why does spring scare me? Well, largely, I feel unprepaired. I thinks its worse because I have been busy this last few weeks and the garden has been neglected, other than the cursory weeding, watering and harvesting.

Luckily, a few days later, I stumbled upon a book by one of my favourite gardening authors Jackie French, which helped me realise even more so that I should be happy with what I have and take joy in my garden. So I went out and took these photos – taking joy in a few of the things that make me smile in my garden.

Tiny leeks pushing up out of the soil

Golden Calendula Flowers

Baby Purple Cauliflowers

Baby Bok Choi

The pictures above are what happens when the three year old helps with seed distribution – they’re even coming up between the pavers!


Flowering Broccoli

That walk and Jackie French’s words, along with talks with friends and family made me realise that we’re doing ok. I’ve never before grown broccoli or kale or carrots or garlic or beetroot, but this season I have. So I was inspired and the garden has become much the richer for it. It has changed a lot since those above photos, and I hope to share it with you very soon.

Hello Spring!


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