Remember those blossoms at the start of the last post? Look how much they have grown!

Baby Peaches

I do wonder how many we will actually get to eat, between the birds and the fruit flies.

The past week or so has been all about perspective and preparation for me. I have taken a good look at the garden and realised we really aren’t doing too bad. I have produce growing

Big broccoli

some more prolifically than others

The wall of snowpea - harvesting every day

I am harvesting a good amount at least once a week

Sunday Harvest - Strawberries, broccoli, snowpeas, carrots and beetroot

and we have really come a long way in the seven months since we started work on the garden.

The Vegetable Garden - 7 months ago

As well as the garden the fruit trees are doing really well with lots of blossoms and new fruits growing.

Baby Plums

Macadamia flowers

White Mulberry

So, my mission is to get us to the point of being largely self sufficient with regards to fruit and veg. To do this I really need to use all of my available garden space. The first thing I did was set to work cutting down the thicket of banana trees.

Frost bitten banana trees

It probably means we won’t have bananas for at least another 12 months, but as they haven’t been cut back for at least 2 years I felt it was the best thing to do.

Banana tree trunk cross section

The trees themselves I found really interesting, they are so wet, literally dripping when cut. I have heard that they make really good mulch so Leo and I cut every last one up into small bits and used them to mulch about three quarters of one of the tiers.

Banana Mulch!

I will be interested to see how it fairs compared to the rest of the garden.
So, once all of the adult and juvenile banana trees were taken care of and a few large tobacco bushes that were at the bottom of the garden (they needed to be removed to make way for the lilli-pilli/grevillea screen) we were left with a number of baby trees.

baby banana trees or suckers

I decided we needed to space them a bit better so some were dug out and discarded, some replanted there and another transplanted to a different part of the garden.

Quinn watering in a transplanted banana tree

Next was preparing the rest of the garden beds. I have decided to just try things and see how they go. So, after pulling out as many weeds as possible and spreading out some aged horse poo I have thickly mulched each bed to a depth of at least 10cm.

Mulched beds

Each day since I take a quick walk around pulling out any weeds I might see or throwing a bigger amount of mulch on them.
On a whim I decided to build a little corner garden too in a shady place down near the compost bin.

The corner bed

I plan to use this for herbs and plants that may not do so well in the heat and humidity of summer, as it is in shade from about 11am onwards.
So it seemed we were ready for planting, well almost. Then the package that I had been waiting for arrived.

Post from Greenharvest

Unless you really enjoy growing things you don’t get the excitement that such things bring. I know my hubby laughs and shakes his head when he sees the excitement I get at a box full of seeds, tubers and roots. But oh my! The promise it holds!
With my little helper sitting beside me I set about working out what I had, what could be planted where and when.

What an office!

For the first time ever I have a detailed plan.

The Plan - Version 1

It is by no means set in stone and is very flexible, but it is nice to have a plan. As soon as it stops raining and the soil dries a little, my garden helpers and I will be out there planting away in the hope of growing all we can eat, plus some for the wildlife 😉


One thought on “Preparation

  1. Looks amazing – so much hard work. I’m the sitting back watching weeds grow type of gardener but you might actually inspire me to get outside and do something! xRach.

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