A Spot of Bird Watching

Last sunday was a particularly drizzly and cold day. One where I was really uninspired to do much of anything.

After harvesting some veg for lunch and dinner I strolled back to the house wondering what I should try and do today. I’m reluctant to work in the veg garden when it had been so wet as little people tend to wander all over the beds and compact them. I took the obligatory photos to show you folk and text to my gardening friends and family and then, unfortunately, put my camera away.

As I wandered out to the windows to do …..something?….I was distracted by a huge swooping bird right near the windows facing the creek. When I say huge I mean gigantic! When I say close I mean Woah! Whilst I shouted “look out the windows, look out the windows” like a maniac, the kids tripped over themselves (and the usual mess) to get to the windows and Sim, having spied what I had seen shouted “get the camera!”. So total chaos in other words.
What we saw was a wedgetail eagle in full flight being harassed by crows. Of course they had flown well away by the time I finished tripping over lego and chairs and getting the camera *sigh*.

We don’t own any binoculars (note to self – 5 pairs of binoculars are an excellent family christmas present) and I was fascinated, so I used my camera to spy on these amazing birds.

Sitting on the deck quietly, the birds and wildlife started to not take notice and I got some lovely shots of our various regulars.

Brown Cuckoo-Dove

Male Fairy Wren

These little wrens are some of my favourites to sit and watch as they dart back and forth catching insects.

Lewin's Honeyeater

Eastern Bristlebird

This little bird is often around the veranda and has a beautiful song she sings.


Mumma and Joey

These two are out the front or side of the house most mornings and the occasional afternoon. They barely take any notice of us these days.

I was also joined first by my eldest, who enjoyed talking about what the birds were, what they ate and what they were doing, then by the younger two (who are not so quiet). By the end of the morning we had determined that there were in fact three wedgetail eagles, most likely a parent pair and a youngster. We watched the youngest be fed a few times by the older birds and it also seemed the less game of the three, mostly following. Watching them soar up in the thermals is just breathtaking, especially when you have seen how big they are up close.


2 thoughts on “A Spot of Bird Watching

  1. You beat me to it. I’ve been trying to get a photo of a wedgie since we hit outback Qld but we always seem to be beetling along and never seem to be able to stop and catch them in time. Just beautiful. How lucky you are to have them close by.
    Love all your photos as always.
    Love Mum & Dad

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