Garden Update – Part The First

We have been working hard to get on top of all those jobs around the place that need to be done. Unfortunately it sometimes seems that as soon as we take care of one thing another three are discovered or remembered, but still we have been productive of late.

Using recycled wood we found around the farm Quinn and I spent a day hammering and sawing to take care of the egg napping problems.

Newly Raised Nesting Boxes

The chickens were quick to adjust and we have had a much better rate of eggs per day.

Safe egg

As always, I am feeling behind in getting the garden up to speed. I am learning all the time though, I just hope I put in to practice what I have learned in the coming months and years.
A few weeks ago Quinn and I spent the morning getting our seedlings started.

Filling the pots

We planted out what seemed, at the time, like huge amounts of seed. In retrospect I need to do twice the amount and I need to do the first lot of seedlings at the end of July so they can go straight in at the beginning of spring.

Labelling using milk bottle plastic

I also planted out a lot of things which are usually planted straight in the ground, such as pumpkin, melons, corn and cucumber, because we are having problems with the resident small marsupials and mammals eating all our seed and small seedlings – even in the shed.

Planting the seeds

Of course all this gardening gets a bit boring so my helper decided it would be better to do some hammering instead.

So I put him to work fixing a sunshade in place to give the seedlings a little protection on the hotter days.


The chickens were very interested and a little put out that they couldn’t get in to help/eat.

Leo and I also spent a morning on the weekend planting out a patch for potatoes.

Potato Patch No1

We are planning on having 3-4 potato patches which will be planted out a few weeks apart, in the hope of staggering our harvest a little.

Potatoes in the dirt, ready to cover

We planted three varieties this time. Our favourites, Dutch Cream, along with Desiree and Ruby Rose varieties.

All in a row

As well as the main food garden, each of the kids has been asking for their own garden to grow ‘stuff’. We have been getting the old decorative beds weeded and ready, so they were each given an area to plant out.

Leo watering his capsicum

They all decided to grow a mix of food and flowers.

Zara and her garden

And of course everyone wanted to grow strawberries and cucumbers.

Chef Quinn watering

So, what next? I hear you say. Well, lately we’ve been seeing lots of these gorgeous little native bees on the brassicas that have gone to flower.

Native bees

I have decided to try and make a top bar hive. It probably won’t work, but hey, it’s worth a try 🙂


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