What defines yours as home and not a house? Its hard to describe isn’t it?
We have lived here for almost 10 months – long enough to grow another human. Tonight as I sit on the veranda, rain pouring down, thunder and lightning all around, the smell of the barbie beside me as Sim cooks dinner, it finally feels like home.
Over the last week we have all been working on a project, together to show that this is our home.
We are pretty cash poor, so big aesthetic changes aren’t really an option. There is much we would love to do to the house. Paint, cladding, furniture are all long (long, long) term plans. in the short term though we have begun decorating our home together. This is how we started.

Zara and Leo decorating

Each member of our family was given a calico square to decorate with fabric markers.

Quinn busy decorating

Along with the marker decorations I got out my sewing machine to make some fabric ones.

On the machine

Almost done...

This is our home 🙂


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