Garden Update – The Second

Remember those seeds that my little helper and I were busy sowing a couple of weeks ago? They sprang forth with green goodness and are growing strong.

Seedlings a growing

I have even (knock on wood) managed to finally sprout an elusive (for me) perennial capsicum, here’s hoping it (yes, only one grew) continues to grow!

Grow my pretties!

The potatoes have sprouted up through the mulch and since been remulched in an effort to increase our harvest.

Peeking potatoes

The beans were planted, where the peas that were planned for (at the wrong time of year) were supposed to go. The beans are thriving, whether they use/need the trellis remains to be seen.

The pea/bean trellis

We have also started to work towards actually getting some fruit from the fruit trees. My helpers and I have been hanging adornments in the trees in an effort to reduce attacks from birds, bats and possums.

Ooh shiny!

It seems to have worked a little – although the magpies aren’t in the least bit worried by them.

Zara hanging baubles

We are also trialling some other methods such as exclusion bags and nets to see what works best for the various trees.

It makes for an interesting looking orchard.


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