When Plans Change

A lot of people have commented of late as to how involved the kids, particularly Quinn are with the day to day workings of our farm.

Mulching team

The thing is that they enjoy it, most of the time.

Collecting firewood

Being outside is fun, they don’t always stick around or stick with the task. They tend to start and then flow to something else, coming back now and again to participate when their curiosity is piqued or they are asked.

Moving on to exploring

They also often find it easier than finding their own entertainment 😉 either way they seem to get something from it and are generally happier after ‘working’ outside for a bit, as am I.

Harvesting carrots

With the two older kids at school, Quinn tends to follow me as I do the daily jobs, having his own part to play in most task. Whether it be climbing the tree whilst I move the lamb,

checking for eggs whilst I feed and water the chickens,

or playing cars or dinosaurs in the vegie garden while I hang the washing.

There are however jobs that I just can’t do whilst Quinn is with me. The reality is that there is mowing and whipper snipping, not to mention weed control to be done and it can’t always wait until the weekend when another adult is around. So, about a month ago I made the decision to see if Quinn would be happy to go to preschool one day a week. This was not a decision made lightly, both the older kids were full time home kids until they started school. The difference with life then and now is that they had a lot more opportunities to make friends when my life was a small amount of gardening and housework and a lot of community building with friends. There is also the safety aspect, so having him be somewhere safe and more to the point fun for one day a week seemed a good option. We are lucky to have a beautiful community run preschool not far from the big kids school. It is very small and has a lovely feel and flow to it, I loved it after spending a day there and to my delight so did Quinn.

Quinn flying a kite on his first day (image courtesy of his teacher, Miss Debbie)

The preschool is set in a beautiful valley surrounded by gorgeous trees. To get there we travel along a single lane road past dairy farms and creeks. There is no traffic, except for the dairy cows and the preschools neighbouring farmer on his horse rounding up the cattle with his working dogs. The environment that has been created by the staff and the community is so fun and interesting. There are fairy gardens, a ‘kitchen’ in the sandpit with water freely available, a cubby house, a work bench to do hammering, art supplies to create – and the ‘everyday’ stuff thats just outside!

So now, once a week, Quinny packs his bag excitedly to go play ‘with his friends’ and I get on with some of the harder stuff, so we can enjoy our other days more without the worry of the jobs that aren’t being done.

If you are interested in seeing what Quinny’s preschool is like you can check it out at http://treechange.posterous.com the preschools blog. You may even catch a glimpse of Quinn 😀


One thought on “When Plans Change

  1. Thanks for the lovely comments on the preschool we all think its the best preschool around 🙂 Play outside is an important part of our curriculum and I think this is why the preschool suits Quinn.

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