A Sparkly Butterfly Type Birthday

We celebrated another birthday here this week. Our darling Zara turned six. This is somewhat of a shock as it really doesn’t seem like it was six years ago that we were living in Ireland and I was having my first homebirth (you can read about her birth here: Our Irish Homebirth. But it is and so we celebrated that wonderful day that Miss Z joined our family.
We do family birthdays every second year and friends parties alternately. This year is the family birthday year – here’s what we got up to 😀

Waking up in the morning Zara was surprised with her first present for the day – a shiny sparkly pedal bike.

The boys and I decided to set up a surprise fairy party for Zara while she was at dance class.
We set the table

with bite size morsels of fairy food.

We got out the dress ups so everyone could be a fairy, putting some up at the gate with a note for Zara to get dressed.

Leo put out a tea light path of candles to guide fairy Zara to the party.

The scene was set

and all that was left to do, was wait.

The boys met Zara on the path to show her Leo’s gift to her

some homemade fairy ornaments for her garden.

Once she got to the house she waved her magic fairy wand at the food

and pronounced it fit for a fairy.

There were presents to be opened.

Food to be devoured.

Cake to be cut.

And smiles all round in fairy land.



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