The Grow Season

It’s that time of year. It seems that everyone I talk to is talking about the prime growing weather we are having (warm and wet), how fast the weeds are growing (ridiculously fast), how much mowing there is to be done (loads) and what they are planting. Or maybe I’m just preoccupied with it. It’s hard not to be when the green and growth is hard to ignore because it is everywhere.

The weeds grow at an alarming, almost devastating rate it seems. The mowing and whipper snipping is fast becoming a weekly job instead of fortnightly or monthly as it was in winter. On the plus side, most of the vegies are growing strong too. Having said that, if you get sick of looking at the following vegetable photos you can always play “spot the weed”, there are plenty of them in all the photos.
The potatoes Leo and I planted out a month ago have gone from strength to strength.


They have even had another load of compost and mulch thrown on top of them since this photo and they are still growing!
The second patch of potatoes has begun peeking through the mulch as well.

2nd patch

Alongside the newest potatoes a block of corn has gone in.

Corn block

These we grew from seed and transplanted, with much more success than last time. I think my 3yo may have finally learned to plant gently, or maybe I am more relaxed about it now leading to less nerves from him 😉
Many of the other seedlings have, unfortunately been hit by slugs. I am currently waging war on them using beer traps and by squishing every one that I find. I am also considering ducks as a valid form of warfare.
The Kale in the garden is looking beautiful, although some of it is on its way to seed.

Small Kale

I had never grown, or for that matter, eaten kale before but it is definitely one of my favourite things to grow. It is so versatile as a food, we eat it steamed, stir fried, in quiches and pies, the chooks love it to munch on and I also find it very beautiful to look at. The wavy leaves seem to remind me of the ocean somehow.

My favourite plant - kale

There are also some late planted purple cabbages (or possibly purple broccoli/cauliflowers – the marker I made faded to “purple…..”) which are very pretty.

Purple Brassica Beauty

The rhubarb has taken on elephantine proportions and will really need to be used soon!

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!

Unfortunately, it seems that the zucchini, despite flowering and fruiting well is in a position that is too wet. The fruit keep falling off at about 10cm long. So, I will be planting out more in a well drained position over the coming weeks.

Zucchini with wet feet

The onions are growing well, although I am wishing I had planted more looking at the amount we go through.


So, today I did just that and hopefully they will have sprouted and be looking just as healthy in times to come.
I have also been planting melons and pumpkins anywhere I can find space. Due to their tendency to take over I am reluctant to plant them in the actual garden. Instead I have made a few no-dig garden spaces around the tank, above the banana plants and around the slopes of the house.

Melons and pumpkins

These places are generally a bit weedy, a pain to maintain but nicely shaded part of the day with full sun the rest.

A Weedy Space

I’m secretly hoping they will reduce the amount of mowing and whipper snipping I have to do 😉
Another product of the grow season (apart from all the mowing, did I mention that bit?) has been the flowering of many of the plants that were already in the gardens, along with a few we planted. So, I will leave you with their bursts of colour and if there seems to be a long break between posts, it probably means I’m busy in the garden…….or mowing.


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