Last week was a hard week. I was bogged down in the sheer amount of things to be done. Being here as solo parent to three young kids for a large portion of the week can be hard. As anyone with kids knows the food preparation and cleaning alone are a job in themself! Throw in falling behind on things needing to be done due to weather, other commitments and dodgy machines (or in this case punctured tires) and yeah, it was a tough one. Luckily I have some wonderful support in the way of family, friends and partner. After talking through various stresses with some of my loved ones I started to realise that I had lost my way a little. I was getting really caught up in the day to day jobs, running non-stop from when I woke up until when I hit the pillow trying to do everything. In the process I wasn’t enjoying our life here, we weren’t changing anything and we weren’t having any fun. So, I took a step back and with the help of my partner, we started to drink in the great things about being here. We still did a lot of work this weekend, but it wasn’t drudgery because I could see where we were headed once again. I’d started looking ahead and looking up instead of looking down and just seeing an endless parade of ‘jobs to be done’.
So, what did we get up to?
On friday Quinn and I went wild raspberry picking. It was a prickly job, but we ended up with a decent haul.

Proud Raspberry Picker

The final haul

From those I made my first ever raspberry jam and the best bit? It set! Finally a jam that is actually a jam and not a syrupy mess, it tastes pretty good too 😀

Raspberry Jam!!

We also made bread while the fire was on, something I have been neglecting to do.


I actually enjoy the process of making bread and I would like to get to the point where the majority of our bread is home made. So I am going to try and make a few loaves whenever I light the fire to this end.
We then had a home cooked meal with all the trimmings, on a beautifully set table, complete with flowers from the garden – bliss!


On saturday after classes and errands and a mountain of mowing and whipper snipping we took the afternoon off to go for our first swim at the creek.
It had been a hot and steamy day and the water was not as cold as I thought it would be owing to the low level of the water and the heat of the rocks.

Rock Hopping

Testing the water

A wonderful way to end a hot day and a great reminder of how lucky we are.

Sunday morning was spent gathering wood with the help of our neighbours, working in the garden and planting seeds for new vegetable seedlings. At lunchtime we downed tools and took off to explore the local national park, something we have been meaning to do since moving here.

We all enjoyed the walks, through the welcomingly cool rainforest.

We only did one short bush walk as we were really figuring out where everything was and how long the walks were.

We also went out to The Pinnacle lookout which was truly spectacular. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of that as I was keeping my eyes on the kids and my hands firmly gripping the railing. If you have the time, look up “The Pinnacle Border Ranges” on google images and if you come to visit we will undoubtedly take you there to have a look.
That night we were treated to a spectacular light and sound show by mother nature. I fell in to bed, glad to have some perspective once again, to have rediscovered my focus to not just live sustainably but to live well and happily too. Hopefully I can keep it that way, with the help of those around me.


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