In Defence of Kale

As you may have noticed, I am having a bit of a love affair with Kale at the moment.
When I talk to most people about kale they either have no idea what it is or have eaten it and hate it with a fiery passion! Which seems strange to me because I’m not a fan of spinach or silverbeet but LOVE kale.

Magnificent kale

I must admit that up until a few months ago I had never grown or eaten kale and it was only thanks to my helpful three year old that I have grown so much of it.

So, what is kale?
Kale comes from the brassica family, which also contains broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. It is often talked about as a non-hearting cabbage (no that doesn’t mean people don’t like it, it means it doesn’t form a tight heart or head like most cabbages).
Apparently it is a very healthy food too. But thats not why I like it. I like it because I find it really beautiful to look at, its a big bold plant, and the variety I have has these beautiful soft waves in it. I also like it because its versatile and very yummy.
So, how do I eat it?
We eat it in quiches and flans which is a great way to use lots of it and excess eggs.

Kale Quiche

I lightly saute some garlic and pinenuts and then add the chopped kale, cooking until it is all soft. This is then added to eggs and cheese (usually feta) as a quiche or flan filling. I have also recently just been eating the sauteed garlic, pinenuts and kale as a side dish, sprinkled with parmesan – yum!

Sauteed kale with parmesan

Another favourite is to use it stir fried in garlic, ginger and soy along with onion and pak choi. This one is even eaten by at least two of the kids.
The latest recipe I tried and liked was a potato and kale curry, it was a tomato based curry and worked really well.
So, even if you’ve tried it before and not really liked it, I urge you to give kale a try. Its a very hardy plant and is actually reputed to taste better once it has seen frost. Right now mine is all about to go to seed 😦 So I am about to plant out some more seedling so there will plenty more kale on its way before to long.


2 thoughts on “In Defence of Kale

  1. Cows love it, too. If you want to feed it to them, make sure it’s in small quantities at first though. Too much in one hit can be lethal!

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