The Little Things

It’s funny how, when you are living in a big city, dreaming of a ‘treechange’ you have a certain view of how life would be living on an acreage and running a property. Of course the reality is always different, but then again reality is what we make it. It seems I got distracted somewhere along the way and the weed control, mowing and day to day mayhem of three young children meant that part of our dream fell by the wayside. Since gaining some perspective I have been trying hard to get back on track. Get back to the dream. So, we have been making sure we are enjoying the surrounds. There have been more afternoons at the creek as well as enjoying whatever our community has to offer. This saturday we were treated to a movie under the stars at Quinn’s preschool which was such a great night.
I found a local mumma who is now supplying me with fresh milk

Fresh milk!

meaning we are eating locally produced food (yay!). It also means I can start delving into making cheese

Makeshift incubator

The cut curds

Hanging the cheese

Salting the feta

Unfortunately the first batch was a bust 😦 But hey! Live and learn – next time I’m not drying it, it’s going in brine immediately, especially if it’s as windy as this week!
We also made some yummy butter, smoothies and wild raspberry ice cream….
Then there are things like this which make my heart sing!


Everything on that plate, apart from the mushrooms (I have issues with mushroom kits, or maybe they have an issue with me) is either homegrown or home made.
We have not bought bread in over two weeks as I have been making it and the kids (for the most part) have been eating it.

This week I also took a step to reducing our waste and eating better when I finally organised myself to take my own containers and buy the majority of our food at the bulk whole foods store. It means an extra 20mins travel time on our shopping day, but I have been wanting to reduce our waste (I really don’t enjoy going to the dump) and it saves us in spur of the moment purchases on top of regular packaged food price anyhow.

Another little thing that I am feeling really proud of, is the way my garden is coping in the heat at the moment. We really don’t have any water to spare, so the garden gets the leftovers at the moment (bath, kitchen and washing water) and that’s it. Still, the garden is flourishing.

Garden greens

Flowering potatoes



Pretty Garlic

Onions. leeks. purple cabbage, kale (of course) and turnips

Purple cauliflower

Yes, that is a fly swat in the tomatoes picture, we use it to attack the brassica moths and yes there is a big, fat green caterpillar in the cauliflower picture, we go up every afternoon and pick as many as possible off the plants. Really though, we are doing ok. The kids gardens are even doing well enough to harvest a little from them.

Leo's Tomatoes

Can’t you feel how proud he is to have grown them himself?

I’m not planting much at the moment as it is just too hot and dry. However, hopefully the rains will come and then we can plant anew. I may be busy by next weekend though, doing a rain dance, if it doesn’t happen soon!

So, I fully recommend you take the time to look around you, remember what you dreams were and take stock of the little things that are making them happen.


6 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Lovely, Jo. Your veges are looking so healthy. I cant blame the bugs for wanting their share. Thank you for another inspiring and thought provoking post. x

  2. Thats a shame about the feta, I made icecream on the weekend and the taste was perfect but it wasnt creamy enough alot of ice crystals formed which made it hard to scoop into a bowl, would love to know if you have to same problem. The vege garden is looking great, you and the kids have done really well. You have inspired me to try making bread without the bread machine, making it today so I can tell/show you how it went tomorrow.

  3. Hi Jo, We have had a bit of success (not a very long time of trying it) with a couple of bits of white in a noticeable place to deter the white moths.
    Had seen on one of the gardening shows that if you put something white on a small stick standing in the garden it is supposed to give the moths there is a resident moth already there and they newbies leave. They did recommend broken egg shells but I find them too easy to knock off the stick when in the garden.
    I have gone through my sewing goodies and found a couple of polystyrene balls (about 20 years or so in there) that were to be used for heads on clowns for kids. They have found a far more useful life and the moths dont like them at all. Dont know how long it takes for them to finally realise they dont bite, but any time at all is good to me.
    Please tell Leo those tomatoes are my fave.

  4. Hi Aunty Anne 🙂 Thanks for the tip, I’m willing to try anything as they are out of control at the moment! I will tell Leo as soon as he comes in for dinner.
    Yes Debbie, I get the ice crystals etc too. I usually put the icecream in the fridge about a half hour before we are going to have it and then its easier to get into. I’ve also read that stirring it throughout the freezing process makes it easier to dig into. Haven’t tried that yet though, as I always seem to get distracted LOL

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