The Countdown Begins

Over the last few years I have started a new family tradition of doing an advent calendar. I know that its not a ‘new’ thing as such, but it was new to myself and my husband and new for our family. I was inspired by some friends and the activity calendars that they did each year with their children. Ours is usually a mixture of activities and small gifts.
Our old calendar was made in haste some 3 yrs ago and has seen better days.

The old advent calendar all fresh, shiny and new

Two moves, a camping trip and over excited children have left it looking tired and torn.

Close up of original calendar

The origami baskets were decorated by the kids, but really weren’t up to the wear and tear they received.
So, I decided it was time to update and a more hardy, longer lasting calendar.

Assembling the bits

Luckily I have a substantial stash of fabric, so I set to work cutting a mixture of felt, corduroy, denim and ribbon and assembling designs for the pockets.
Then my helper set to work glueing baubles on trees, bows on presents and hats on snowmen, whilst I sewed other bits and pieces.

My little helper

The finished product is lovely, a bit wonkier than I had hoped, owing to me being pushed for time to have it finished (how unusual…).

The new advent calendar

The idea is that as each day is done the number for that day (or the date) is tucked into the pocket so we know where we are up to. Unfortunately I ran out of ribbon, so the last half of the numbers will have to wait until I get some more.
All done - bar the missing dates

Our first activity, as is usual for December 1st, was to put up the christmas tree. The kids had decided last year, after seeing all the small pines along our road and in our property, that if they could they would like a ‘real’ christmas tree. I wish I had had the presence of mind to take the camera with me because it was an adventure! In the pouring rain we had to seek out the perfect tree. Chief tree chooser, Leo, had very strict criteria that had to be followed, but eventually we found the perfect one. The next hurdle was getting it home. This involved the car boot, a large tree and an occy strap. By the time we got home the top of the tree was a tad muddy and I was once again left to lament the absence of a ute or trailer.
We then trimmed it to size, placed it in the house and got down to the serious business of decoration.

Not too bad! Although, I’m not sure it will last until the 25th with the rate of needles it is dropping.
For the 2nd of December the kids each got a small bundle of christmas chocolates. It has been a really busy week and I figured that was easiest for all of us!
Todays activity was to make snowflakes for the windows. I’ve never done this activity with the kids before, although I remember spending hours doing it myself as a kid.

Busily creating snowflakes

They all really enjoyed it, fascinated with the different shapes they got each time and working out the patterns they liked to use.

The varied patterns of snowflakes

After the white paper they then moved on to colours. The windows and the house for that matter are getting a decidely festive look about them now.

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas……

Are you doing anything special for advent this year?

Maybe you’d like to share like I have at Punky and Me


9 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins

  1. I would comment on all the Christmas awesomeness going on here, but I am too mesmerised by that view through those gorgeous windows… jealousy at Christmas is not a good look! πŸ˜‰

  2. I just said on the previous post that I need to brush up on this advent business as it was unheard of when my girls were little. Your’s looks so beautiful and that view is spectacular. Enjoy, Enjoy!

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