When we bought Pecky from Heritage Hatching and Hens in Brisbane it was potluck. He was only very young, hardly a rooster at all, with a tiny comb and no crow.

Young Pecky

As he grew though, he became a wonderful protector for the flock. We would often see him herding the girls back to the group if he felt they were straying too far. He would stand watch as they scratched and foraged over the paddock.

Watching over the hens

He also had the habit of calling them all over to eat if he found something in the grass, making sure they ate well before he joined in.

With his girls

Whilst he was performing his roosterly duties well, his proud stance matched with his rather funny crow always made me smile and laugh.

Strutting like he means it

We were very lucky in that Pecky showed no signs of aggression to myself and the kids.

Pecky wondering what's going on

He would watch us wherever we went and never reacted to being shooed into the pen or away from something. Even with the littleset member of our family.

Pecky bringing the girls up for a feed

On saturday night as we walked up to the pen to shut the chickens away for the night we were met by an odd sight. A few of the girls were still out grazing, but Pecky was nowhere to be seen. We checked the hen house and wandered through the top paddock but saw and heard nothing. I shut the chickens away, secretly hoping that Pecky would reappear in the morning.
Unfortunately he hasn’t. There have been sightings of a wild dog in the area lately and last Sunday Leo spotted paw prints in the mud on our drive way. Yesterday we found a patch of feathers, further up the paddock where the chooks rarely venture. It seems Pecky was probably protecting the girls and had a go at the dog and came off second best.

So I say farwell Pecky. You were a lovely big rooster and a wonderful protector for our flock. Thankyou for saving the girls. We miss you.


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