An Advent Catch-Up

Its been a busy couple of weeks with christmas, school holidays and an illness sweeping through the house, so time to post has been short. I really wanted to keep the blog updated with our advent activities, but unfortunately that wasn’t to be. So instead here is a supersized advent update 😀

After last years advent being pretty non-existent due to packing and moving house this year we went all out with activities and craft. Of course not every day was an activity, mostly because I really couldn’t cope with that! However, we did have a lot of activities and (mostly) a lot of fun. Here’s what the kids did.

Making christmas cards.

Making fabric and foam baubles for the tree.

Dress up for dinner. We were an explorer, an angel, an SES rescue worker and a super mummy 😉

Making christmas biscuits.

Making snowmen using styrofoam balls. There was a distinct lack of snow, being summer and all.

A dinnertime picnic.

We made a gingerbread house, for the first time ever. This was definitely a learning experience. I now know how much to bake the gingerbread for and what consistency the icing needs to be.

It looked good for about 5 minutes, before it fell apart!

At least it tasted good!

We also made felt crowns one day and placemats another day which were used on christmas day.







Miss Z also made herself one, but disappeared with hers before I got a photo.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.


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