What’s growing in your garden? Summer 2011

A question I often get asked and that, to be honest, I ask a lot myself is “What do you have growing in your garden?”
It helps me understand what works for other people and opens me up to growing things that I may not have otherwise thought of. So every few months I will try and update what is currently growing in my garden and what stage of growth it is at. This will just be what is in the veg gardens and not include the fruit trees.

Beans – consistently harvesting


Beetroot – One lonesome one left, need to get more seed!


Broccoli – Summer green and Hong Kong, the HK has all gone to seed as has one lot of summer green, although I am still harvest small heads (think broccolini like). A few new SB are growing


Cabbage – Purple variety, harvesting

Capsicum – fruiting but yet to harvest any


Carrots – Purple dragon growing and numerous varieties sewn but not sprouting as yet

Cauliflower – Purple variety, was planted too late but has small heads which I pick quickly at the moment or it goes straight to seed

Sunburnt purple cauliflower

Celery – gone to seed

Celery - completely gone to seed

Chillis – fruiting and flowering

Corn – Sweet Max and Anasazi, one lot we have had two very yummy cobs off, unfortunately the crows decimated the rest of the crop 😦 I am formulating a plan to save the second crop.

Corn before the crows descended


Cucumber – Lebanese and Crystal Apple, both fruiting

Climbing Crystal Apple Cucumbers

Lebanese Cucumber

Eggplant – Black Beauty and Turkish Orange both currently growing, no flowers or fruit yet

Black Beauty

Garlic – Elephant variety, mostly harvested yesterday

Drying garlic

Kale – After being decimated by the first round of white brassica moths it has come back with lovely new growth

New wave of Kale

Leeks – harvested the first one last week

Luscious leeks

Lettuce – harvesting, some about to go to seed

Onions – White ones are almost ready to harvest. Also have brown and red seeds in but have not sprouted yet

Onions peeking out of the mulch

Pak choi – I had about 5 plants go to seed and now have a heap of small pak choi seedlings which I have just started harvesting

Self-seeded pak choi waiting to be thinned

Potatoes – Dutch, Desiree and Ruby Rose, harvesting and growing

First potato harvest

Pumpkin – flowering and fruiting

Rhubarb – Three crowns, all prolific!

Crown one - which has developed a second crown I think!

Rockmelon – flowering

Rockmelon vines in Leo's garden

Snowpeas – harvesting consistently

Giant Russian snowpeas

Squash – seedlings just planted

Strawberries – fruiting, although it hard to get to eat them thanks to the birds spying them

Sweetpotatoes/kumara – growing

Sweet potatoes growing out from under the beans

Tomatoes – we have cherry, Tropic, Roma and mixed heirloom varieties growing. With the exception of about a month through the coldest part of winter, we are always harvesting cherry toms and the other varieties are just starting to fruit and blush

Turnips – gifted so unsure of variety, harvesting

Watermelon – still growing, currently flowering with a few baby melons

Zucchini (Lebanese) – Some are fruiting, some are still growing as a vine


Proud zucchini picker



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