Stone the Crows

I hate to say it, but if someone offered to stone the crows here, I might just take them up on that offer. Coming second only to the feral dogs, which have now considerably reduced our flock of chickens, my ire for the crows has grown.
For the first time ever I had grown decent corn. Actually I mean better than decent. The cobs were lovely and large, every kernel filled and sweet, oh yes they were delicious.

Perfect corn

We got to taste all of two cobs of about 30 on the plants. Yes, the crows found them and systematically demolished every single one *sigh*.

The Original Corn Patch

So I have had to take action with our second crop. I am determined that we will get to eat at least half of this crop. This is step one of my plan.

Crow exclusion attempt 1

Of course, as my daughter pointed out, those crows are pretty smart. Yes, me doing my best crazy lady impression running from the house, broom in hand yelling “We don’t want you here you bloody crows!” followed by choice expletives, that the three year old picked up for general use, doesn’t scare them for long. Neither have the hanging ornaments. If this doesn’t work I may consider fencing in the whole garden. Honestly though, I don’t really want to. Often when I’m in the garden I see at least three different bird species in there working FOR me. Eating the moths, bugs and caterpillars. Plus, what a lot of hard work. Hopefully this works, only time will tell.

Although the fact that the crows have already started in on my growing tomato crop doesn’t bode well.

Tomato, half eaten by crows


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