Big Wet at Haven

As I said yesterday it’s very wet at the moment. Our creeks are in flood and the road is now cut in both directions. It is too wet to mow, too wet to weed as I may destroy the soil structure with my tramping around (or so an article I once read claims, I’m going with it) and I could probably whipper snip but I am here alone with three kids and the whipper snipper is acting up, so that isn’t going to happen. As a result, I have time to blog! Well, in between keeping the kids entertained, trying to sew something meaningful for a last minute kids party and all the usual stuff 😉

As part of the “keeping the kids entertained” we took a walk to survey the waters of our creek, which had risen considerably overnight. Admittedly, only one of the three was enthused by this idea until I wrapped it in the guise of a photography expedition, leading to the use of shiny new and rediscovered old cameras. So, off we trekked down the hill, to the roaring river below.

The photos below don’t really do justice to the sheer awesomeness of the volume of water. There is a real roar and you can actually hear the larger rocks being pushed and jostled along the creek bed. This is the same creek you have seen us swimming in and sitting beside in numerous photos on this blog. Enjoy.

The creek visible from the track to the house

Northern crossing

View from our camping spot of two weeks ago

Runoff from the railway above

Swimming hole (not today!)

The swirling torrent where we usually sit and play

Surging waves

Cool lichen

Trees and palings pushed up against a tree

Fairy steps

Investigating the runoff along the road

Southern crossing

Hope you are all managing to stay safe and dry.


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