A While Ago – Camping at the Creek

Even though its been but a few weeks since we camped at the creek, it seems like months. A few days after we packed up camp the rain started and it has been here ever since. In the time between then and now we have had floods, the boredom of endless rain (from the kids, not me – I love it!) birthdays, the beginning of a new school year and the flurry of reigniting an old enterprise. So, on yet another day of endless rain, its nice to sit back and look at those slower sunshiney days, I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our time at the creek too.

Of course, the main reason for camping at the creek is…..well, the creek. It was hot and sweaty weather and what better way to spend it than sitting in this:

We had a lovely afternoon, playing in the water, rediscovering the layout of the creek and Leo discovered a new activity to pass the time. Building cities in the creek.

The island city

A lone sentinel

Cooling off

Then it was back up to the campsite for dinner

and some dry play time.

Rolling cars down the hill - fun and games

Once the sun sank behind the mountain it was time for bed.

Sunset from the campsite

The first night was, quite frankly, hell. I had forgotten to put an extra fly tarp over the tent and, as it was a full moon, it was like daylight in the tent once the moon rose. I had also forgotten that thursday night is, for some unknown reason, the busiest night for freight trains and with the camp ground so close much closer to the train line, well, for the first time in a long time I heard every single train. As if that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake was when Zara, still recovering from whooping cough, coughed until vomiting and vomited on herself, her sleeping bag and me. Or to be more precise, my dreads. Yes, ewwwww gross. So, after dragging her sleeping bag outside and washing it and hanging it up, washing her off and then giving myself a very cold shower, I was ready to go home. The kids though pleaded and begged to stay and in the morning light things sometimes seem better. We modified the tent set up, got Zara a spew bucket and actually slept quite well the next few nights.

Of course the highlight of the time was the creek. The kids always find new things to do and play, the next few days being no exception.

My boat

Concentration or consternation?


The test (it did float!)

Ready to go

We’ll be back 🙂 Hopefully next time daddy will be able to join us.


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