A Pumpkin Sling

One of my pumpkins has decided it would be a good idea to climb the lillypilly hedge.

This is all fine and good, but once the pumpkins start to grow it presents a problem. Although they are a variety of bush pumpkin they still grow to a fairly decent and hefty size.

One of our more mature pumpkins, on the ground

The weather has also been rather stormy of late.

Storm clouds to the south

Storm clouds to the north

The winds during saturday night’s storm were strong enough to drop one of the trees in the house yard, luckily it missed the house.

Storm debris

So, with the climbing vine starting to fruit, I needed a solution to hold the fruit in place as it gets heavier and is battered about by the weather.

Small pumpkin already dragging down the vine

I have seen articles on pumpkin slings or hammocks before. I decided that it was worth a try, plus being a fan of hammocks and a sling mumma it seemed silly not to give it a go. We are in heavy “save money to do weed reduction and get large animals on the property” mode, so all my projects at the moment are made with whatever I have on hand. In this case some hemp rope (thanks dad!) and some well used shade cloth.

No frills pumpkin sling

The pumpkin sits in the well supported sling, taking the load off the vine, growing happily until harvest.

Pumpkin sling in action

Snug as a........

If you look closely in the above picture you can even see a tiny pray mantis on the pumpkin – yay for chemical free gardening!
Hopefully the slings work, because there are a few more pumpkins on the way and I can’t just sit back and wait to see if the first sling does the job.

More pumpkins on the way

Does these make me an “Attachment Gardener” now?


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