Thankful Thursday – IWD

Today, for International Women’s Day, I am teaming up with Kate from Kate Says Stuff to say thankyou to many of the amazing women who have made a difference in my life. Most of these women you probably don’t know, probably never will, but to me…they shaped my lives and inspired me to live the way I do.

My mum – she has worked my entire life (until recently retiring). She never complained. We ate well every night, there was no takeaway where we were. She never said ‘you can’t do that’ when I talked about my very big dreams for the future. She gave me every opportunity she could to grow and learn.

Nana – my mums mum. She inspired my love of cooking, it is her scone recipe I use whenever I am making them, although they never taste as good as hers. She is a small petite woman, but I always saw her as strong and self assured. She also is a keen gardener 🙂

T – my best friend. She really is best in that she brings out the best in me. She inspires me to be a better person, a better mum and a better partner all the time. She listens, she understands, she gets my humour, she makes me laugh. She is an amazing woman who has been through a lot and still has a heart as big as the room.

Y – inspired me to look at myself and be who I am, no apologies. She is smarter than she likes to think, is kinder than she’d like you to know and extremely passionate and wears it on her sleeve, no holding back. With her help I learned not to feel like a failure and that obstacles can be overcome, as long as you are open to ideas and have support.

There are, of course, many other women who have made a difference in my life. Some in a big way, some in a very small, but critical way. Thank you to each and every one of you, who taught me that women can do anything. Why not say thank you to the women who inspire you this International Women’s Day.


5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – IWD

    • Thanks Jayne. I think, once we all think about the roles other women have in our lives, most of us can find someone who has inspired us. Women are pretty amazing 😀

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