A ‘Pretty’ Garden

Last weekend hubby was away so it was just me and the kids. I find the weekend is easier if we have a project when daddy is away. So, this weekend the project was to make a pretty garden, a flower garden, something we haven’t consciously done before. We weren’t exactly starting from scratch, we chose an overgrown garden on our entry way to work on.

The 'garden'

Quinny, scaling the weeds

I have to say the two boys put in a mammoth effort, particularly Leo who was in there with me the whole time digging up weeds. All three became extremely enthused once the saw came out to attack the tobacco bushes…..funny that. They also abandoned me for awhile on the first day to build some tobacco bush teepees.

Leo's tobacco bush teepee

At the end of day saturday we had cleared a good amount, considering we hadn’t started until after lunch (due to other commitments).

End of day 1

Halfway there....

We decided to keep some of both stands of aloe vera. The flowers are pretty and it is so useful for burns and cuts. But also, there were a number of frogs who obviously lived in the aloe vera that we didn’t want to displace.

A froggy friend


By lunchtime on sunday we had cleared all of the weeds and the boys began spreading the mulch in earnest (by this time Zara was over the wet and the work and was sitting in the shed reading or playing the neighbours piano (long story 😉 )

Spreading the mulch


I have to confess I did not spread any of the mulch. The two boys got right into it and did it all together, with Leo making sure that it was evenly spread over all the dirt.

All mulched

Next was the most exciting bit…PLANTING!!! This even enticed Zara out of the shed for a bit! So, together we all planted out the flowers (I also snuck in some celery and basil….sssshhhh). I was impressed at how much the kids have learnt about handing seedlings, the carefulness, how to spread the root bound roots and the way to cover them back up. TO be honest, I mostly just dug the holes and directed what went where.
This is the finished product:

Leo's path and steps

The Pretty Garden

Gerbera's - my favourite

It has been lovely to see the kids pride in something they made. They are so looking forward to sharing it with daddy when he gets home tomorrow 🙂


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