A Day Out at the Fair

On easter sunday each year one of the nearby towns holds their annual Heritage Festival. As I was at home alone with three young children who had nothing better to do than eat their way through the chocolate presents the easter bunny left them, I decided it was time for a day out. So we packed up and went to check it out. I have to admit, before we got there I didn’t think it would be that much of a big deal. I was thinking small country markets with a couple of displays. Boy was I wrong. It was huge. The first clue was the fact that we had to walk two blocks to get to the showground and this town only has four blocks, so technically half way across town! From the minute we walked in Leo was enthralled as he is totally fascinated by all things ‘old fashioned’. The first thing to catch his eye was the wood chop competition. This was great as it gave me a chance to get my bearings and figure out a plan of attack.

The Winning Strike

Leo was stoked as he had been wanting to see a real wood chop competition ever since I told him about them one afternoon whilst he watched me chopping the firewood.
We then made our way through some of the stalls selling old wares

Signs, scales and tractor seats

Hand tools - next time I'm saving up and buying!

and on to the classic vehicles. I figured it was best to get this out of the way first as I knew we would be in this section for a while…

Barney View Motor Service

A purple Vauxhall!!!

The boys and the trucks

By this time Zara was over it, but she had spotted where she wanted to go and was happy to keep looking when I said we would head there next.

Shiny Chevy

"That's the tractor we should get"

I’m not sure that tractor would do so well on our hills….

So, the boys had had their fill of machines, for now, so we headed off for a change of pace and a ride in some…..teacups, of course.

Yeah this is ok, but not really my scene

Yay! This is so much more fun


With everyone having done something they wanted we then wandered through some more markets until the ‘can I get…’ and ‘I’m getting hungry…(but don’t want the food you packed)’ started. So we jumped on the train to get a better idea of what was about for lunch.

Hello, I'm on the train

Happy not to be walking for a bit

After checking everything out from the train and having a bit of a rest at the same time, we decided on the easiest solution, sausage sandwiches and chips with sauce. We pulled up some shade, ate our fill and then took off to check out some more machinery before the big parade started.

Having a go at a fandangle butter churn

Next we found a good vantage point and settled in to watch the parade.

The Cobb and Co. Coach

The Lighthorse Men

The bullock team

By now we were all pretty weary. The kids were each given some money to spend and quickly found the things they wished to buy. Zara bought some clothes for her bubba and a pet rock. Leo bought some polished stones and crystals, whilst Quinn bought some cars and something after my own heart…

Honestly who can resist a shiny wind mill?

Not me! So I bought one for me, and my inner child 🙂


One thought on “A Day Out at the Fair

  1. So interesting for me in the UK. Was a Young Farmer years ago and used to love Rallies a bit like this. Didn’t have scenery like yours though!

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