My day today 🙂

A Photo A Day - Haven

I know, you’re probably thinking “What?” or “Huh?”.

To me this picture represents one of those moments, when all the elements come together. The rain finally stopped! After 4 weeks of being too busy, or to wet or the mower too broken, I managed to mow.
That’s not all though. It also shows how much I have learned and grown. In the couple of hours before this photo the mower broke down and I managed to fix it (thanks to some phone technically support) and I bogged the mower but managed to (wo)manhandle it out again.

It also shows how my work towards a ‘real working farm’ is slowly coming to bear. The weeds are being pushed back, the grounds are being maintained, the trees are bearing fruit and I am visibly (the netting) planning for harvest. Of course there is that gorgeous mountain in the background too and the…

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