The Fight Continues – Are You Listening Yet?

Those of you who regularly read my blog will already know about the fight we are constantly waging against coal seam gas in our area. In October of last year our local community, along with many others in Australia, took to the streets in protest about the growing coal seam gas industry and the effects it is having on our water, our land and our way of life. You can read about that protest in a previous post of mine: We Will Fight

Yesterday my eldest son and I took to the streets again along with thousands of others to yet again voice our condemnation at the government for allowing this insidious industry to continue and to fight to keep the northern rivers CSG (Coal Seam Gas) free.

It is thought that over 7000 people from the region attended yesterday, more than those at the protest in Sydney a few weeks ago.

Families, farmers, shop keepers all protesting against CSG

Even Dirtgirl from the popular kids television show Dirtgirl World, along with the shows creators attended. This was a point of excitement for both myself and my son as we are huge fans 🙂

Dirtgirl and the Dirtgirl World creators

The protestors walked through the main streets of Lismore, calling out for change, a halt to coal seam gas mining, an end to our environment, land and water being sold off to line the pockets of foreign investors.

The group stretched over a kilometer through the town.

With all different reasons for wanting to keep the region free of coal seam gas mining, the message was still unanimous and clear “We don’t want CSG”

There is also an acknowledgement that is is not just a fight for our area and our region. This is a fight for Australia as a whole and then, if need be, the world.

The communities that are being built as a result of this fight are strong and are working together to win. We all support each other. It is not a case of stopping the gas production and pipelines just here in our area.

It is about stopping it here in northern NSW, in the Great Barrier Reef, in the Pilliga, in the Hunter Valley, the Darling Downs and anywhere else where the mining companies are trying to ignore the people, take the resources and ruin the land and water.

A protestor educating the Boys in Blue

After shouting, singing and dancing our way through the streets, hoping that the powers that be are hearing us, we arrived at the base camp for the protest.

The festival feeling then took over. The positive feeling was that it may be a long fight that if we were all in it together then we will win.

I think the government and the mining companies have underestimated the passion and the power of the people. If they think we will be bought off by some paltry handouts and some political spin, they are wrong.

They had better watch out, because they have got a big fight on their hands.


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